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Whether your pet is short and sleek or big and fluffy, our groomers at Sonora animal hospital can help your pet look and feel their very best. We offer bathing and professional pet grooming for all breeds and sizes of dogs and cats.

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Professional Cat & Dog Bathing Services in Sonora

Professional grooming can help to keep your pet looking and feeling clean and healthy – while saving you both time.

From haircuts to help your furry friend cope with the summer heat, to flea control treatments and nail trims, our grooming and bathing services include everything your dog or cat needs to stay clean, healthy and as adorable as ever!

At Mono Way Veterinary Hospital, we take pride in helping your four-legged family member put their best paw forward.

Pet Bathing in Sonora | Cat & Dog Bathing Services

When Should I Bathe my Dog?

Although bathing your dog regularly is important, doing so too often can lead to skin irritation, dryness and other issues.

Dogs with longer coats typically end up with more dirt and debris trapped in their fur, leading to the need for more frequent baths (about once a month depending on how dirty they get). Whereas, dogs with shorter fur may only require a bath every three months.

Benefits of Bathing

There are a number of sanitary and dermatological benefits to regular bathing sessions for cats and dogs. Bathing helps to:

  • Remove dirt & odor for cleaner skin and coat
  • Soften and condition your pet's coat
  • Reduce shedding
  • Treat and reduce symptoms of some allergies & skin conditions
  • Ensure that the condition of your pet's skin is regularly monitored by our professionals

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